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Registration by mail

Do you know the 5 Urbankiz Rules?

Are you an experienced Urbankiz / Kizomba dancer?

Are you willing to start teaching in your area?

Are you an Assistant in Urbankiz / Kizomba and now it is time for you to shine alone or with your partner?

Are you already a teacher and you need to upgrade to the next level?

This program is for you!


During this UrbanKiz Teacher Formation Stones Rock will provide you with the knowledge & exercises, skills and methods to develop yourself and your own teaching structure and to adapt to students requirements from the national and international scene.

This is a program open to dancers from across the world that are ready to upgrade their knowledge and build a bright career for themselves.
Depending on the participants the entire training program will be given in maximum 3 languages (English, German, French)

The methodology and pedagogy used is based on Stones Rock’s international experience in the scene as a certified Urbankiz dancer and teacher.

- Maximum of participants: 40 people or 20 couples.

**Couples have priority in the registration process**

DATES: 09.-11. June 2023

LOCATION: A Bailar Tanzschule – Eiffestr. 664B, 20537 Hamburg, Germany


—> 14 hours in 2 days (theory, rules, practice, Q&A session à la #RYD)

—> 2 hours Social Marketing for Teachers (can be booked optionally) 



☆50% theory and 50% practice

☆Kizomba & Urbankiz knowledge

☆Urbankiz Theory

☆Urbankiz rules

☆Special work on Pivot

☆Special work on Chacha

☆Master your flow & body control

☆Master your Urbankiz Saidas

☆Master your musicality LVL-1

☆Identify the “beginner valley” + exercises

☆Identify the “intermediate valley” + exercises

☆Urbankiz pedagogy & Methodology

☆How to face “Teaching struggles “

☆W H W rules for beginner & intermediate dancers

-WHAT to teach ?

-HOW to teach WHAT?

-WHEN to teach WHAT ?

☆How to improve your own dance as a teacher!

☆How to structure your own training sessions!




 Social Media Marketing for Teachers 
(needs to be booked separately, will take place Friday evening)


10000 Dance videos are online every day, but only 2 are catching your attention.....can you relate to it?

Dancing and teaching are the first steps. But how to sell yourself on social media, build a dance community, promote your dance classes is another piece of work.



☆How to build a digital presence

☆How to create qualitative content?

☆How to use social media platforms?

☆Which marketing strategies to use?

☆How to use social media to more present your art and NOT to show off?





350€ per person.

Maximum of available places: 40

20 couples or 18 couples & 4 single people.



+100 EURO for the participants of the Urbankiz formation LVL 1

+140 euro for external participants


If you have any content questions about the program please send an email to:

For applications be always use the link mentioned above.

Your applications will be evaluated by Stones Rock and the organization and you will receive a confirmation email with further instructions.

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